Titel Forschungsleitende Status
A Death-Dealing Bacterial Nanomachine Lim, Roderick Y.H. Laufend
Development of nanoscale acoustic tweezers for mechanobiology application Lim, Roderick Y.H.;Tsujino, Soichiro Laufend
Visualizing mechanotransduction in space and time with a mechano-optical microscope COST Lim, Roderick Y.H. Laufend
NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering - phase 2Ward, Thomas R. R. Laufend
A mechano-optical microscope for studying force transduction in living cells Lim, Roderick Y.H. Laufend
High Performance Transmission Electron Microscope for Present and Future Nanomaterials Schönenberger, Christian Abgeschlossen
Correlative High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy and Fluorescence Imaging for Resolving the Selective Barrier Mechanism Inside Native Nuclear Pore Complexes Lim, Roderick Y.H. Abgeschlossen
Cryo-Electron Microscopy in the ZMB of the University of BaselStahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
Interactions, dynamics and functionality at nanoscale characterized by confocal laser scanning microscopy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy Palivan, Cornelia G Abgeschlossen
NCCR Molecular Systems EngineeringWard, Thomas R. R. Abgeschlossen
NCCR MolSysEng: Molecular Engineered Transport and Targeting SystemsLim, Roderick Y.H. Abgeschlossen
Watching the Nanomachinery of the Nuclear Pore Complex At Work by High Speed-AFM Lim, Roderick Y.H. Abgeschlossen
Automated and Reliable Tissue Diagnostics+ (ARTIDIS+) Lim, Roderick Y.H.;Loparic, Marko Abgeschlossen
Automated and Reliable Tissue Diagnostics Lim, Roderick Y.H. Abgeschlossen
Bio-Synthetic Cellular Nanomachines Lim, Roderick Y.H. Abgeschlossen
Tinkering with a cellular nanomachine: A minimalist approach to studying nuclear pore complex function by de novo design Aebi, Ueli Abgeschlossen