Titel Forschungsleitende Status
NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering - phase 2Ward, Thomas R. R. Laufend
EMBO ALTF 194-2017, Long-Term Fellowship Rebelein, Johannes Georg Abgeschlossen
Interactions, dynamics and functionality at nanoscale characterized by confocal laser scanning microscopy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy Palivan, Cornelia G Abgeschlossen
Picosecond Transient Absorption Setup for Detection of Short-Lived Photoproducts and Excited States in Molecular Systems Wenger, Oliver Abgeschlossen
NCCR Molecular Systems EngineeringWard, Thomas R. R. Abgeschlossen
NCCR MSE: Molecular Factories Based on Artificial MetalloenzymesWard, Thomas R. R. Abgeschlossen
Artificial Metalloenzymes: Supramolecular Anchoring and Activation Ward, Thomas R. R. Abgeschlossen
Directed Evolution of Artificial Metalloenzymes : Towards Chemical Biology Applications Ward, Thomas R. R. Abgeschlossen
"N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands Bearing Hydrogen Atom Transfer Moieties: Synthesis and Catalytic Potential Ward, Thomas R. R. Abgeschlossen
Code-engineered new-to-nature microbial cell factories for novel and safety enhanced bio-production Ward, Thomas R. R. Abgeschlossen
Structure, dynamics and interactions of paramagnetic centers characterised by Electro Paramagnetic Resonance Palivan, Cornelia G Abgeschlossen
Mechanistic and structural investigations by NMR spectroscopy on a wide scope of compounds - from natural products and proteins to artificial enzymes, organometal catalysts and supramolecular materials Häussinger, Daniel Abgeschlossen
Dynamics of hierarchical self-assembly processes characterized by small angle X-ray scattering Pfohl, Thomas Abgeschlossen
Bio-Orthogonal Chemo-Specific LigationWard, Thomas R. R. Abgeschlossen
Designed Evolution of Artificial Metalloenzymes Based on Streptavidin or Carbonic Anhydrase as Protein Scaffold.Ward, Thomas R. R. Abgeschlossen
Optimization of Artificial Keto-Reductases Based on the Biotin-Avidin Technology:Theoretical and Practical Aspects Meuwly, Markus Abgeschlossen
International Research Training Group IRTG 1038 "Catalysts and Catylytic Reactions for Organic Synthesis. Pfaltz, Andreas;Wegner, Hermann A. A.;Meuwly, Markus;Ward, Thomas R. R. Abgeschlossen
A European Biotechnology Training Network for the Support of Chemical ManufacturingWard, Thomas R. R. Abgeschlossen
Nanopore SensingWard, Thomas R. R. Abgeschlossen
Broadening the scope of artificial metalloenzymes based on the biotinavidin technologyWard, Thomas R. R. Abgeschlossen