Titel Forschungsleitende Status
Expression of benthic isotope effects associated with nitrogen elimination and regeneration in lacustrine sediments Lehmann, Moritz F Laufend
The "methane paradox": Mechanisms of CH4 production in oxygenated lake waters Lehmann, Moritz F Laufend
GreenMelt - Impact of Greenland ice melt and discharge on marine biogeochemistry, nutrient fluxes, and productivityLehmann, Moritz F Laufend
Advanced understanding of autotrophic nitrogen removal and associated N2O emissions in mixed nitritation-anammox systems through combined stable ISOtopic and MOLecular constraints (IsoMol) Lehmann, Moritz F Laufend
The "methane paradox" in Lake Lugano - understanding methane production in oxygenated waters of lacustrine environments Lehmann, Moritz F Abgeschlossen
Copper availability, methanobactin production and methan oxidation in two Swiss lakes: Constraints on copper acquisition by methanotrophic bacteria Lehmann, Moritz F Abgeschlossen
Lacustrine in situ production and stable carbon isotope dynamics of branched GDGTs Niemann, Helge Abgeschlossen
Controls of N2O production by nitrifier denitrification in marine and lacustrine environments - Isotopic constraints Lehmann, Moritz F Abgeschlossen
Seasonal Dynamics of Coupled Nitrogen, Sulfur and Carbon Cycling in Redox Transition Zones of Lake Lugano Zopfi, Jakob Abgeschlossen
Microhabitat effects on N2O emissions from semiterrestrial soils Luster, Jörg;Lehmann, Moritz F Abgeschlossen
Swiss participation in the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) through membership in the European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD) Anselmetti, Flavio Abgeschlossen
Isotopic constraints on seasonal N2O dynamics in marine and lacustrine environments Lehmann, Moritz F Abgeschlossen
Isotopenanalysen an gut datierten Rinder- und Rothirschknochen aus neolithischen Seeufersiedlungen aus der Schweiz als Hinweis zur Geschichte der Weidewirtschaft, der Umwelt und des menschlichen Einflusses auf die Umwelt.Schibler, Jörg M. Abgeschlossen
XRF Core Scanner and digital radiography Anselmetti, Flavio;Lehmann, Moritz F Abgeschlossen
Validation and application of a novel, terrestrial biomarker-based paleo thermometer to Holocene Swiss lake sediments and soils Niemann, Helge Abgeschlossen
Microbes and oxidants involved in methane oxidation in South Alpine Lake Lugano Lehmann, Moritz F Abgeschlossen
Alteration of isotopic signatures during organic matter degradation (ISOLAT) - Nitrogen in aquatic environments Lehmann, Moritz F Abgeschlossen
Nitrogen elimination pathways and associated isotope effects in Swiss eutrophic Lake Lugano (2010-2013) Lehmann, Moritz F Abgeschlossen
Biogeochemical fluxes in South-Alpine Lakes: Linking nitrogen and methane dynamics in lacustrine redox-transition zones using a combined stable isotope and molecular approach (2008-2011) Lehmann, Moritz F Abgeschlossen
Forcasting the response of a coastal ecosystem to persistent forcing: Hypoxia in the Gulf of St. Lawrence Lehmann, Moritz F;Sundby, Bjorn Abgeschlossen
Theo, der PfeifenraucherHotz, Gerhard;Von Greyerz, Kaspar;Doppler, Stefanie;Fasol, Laura;Guyer, Franziska;Helmig, Guido;Kofmehl, Lukas;Kramis, Simon;Lehmann, Moritz F;Link, Fabian;Perréard Lopreno, Geneviève;Pike, Alistair;Raciti, Silvio;Roth, Christina;Wittwer-Backofen, Ursula;Wunderlin, Dominik;Zihlmann-Märki, Patricia;Senn, Philipp;Burkart, Lucas;Alt, Kurt W. Abgeschlossen
L'origine et soutenance des accumulations massives des cyanobactéries toxiques au Lac Champlain, Québec, et l'impact des cyanotoxines sur la santé de ses ressources halieutiques (2006-2009) Lehmann, Moritz F;Bird, David Abgeschlossen
The input of agricultural and soil nitrogen to the St. Lawrence River: Tracing contaminant sources using nitrate stable isotope ratios (2006) Lehmann, Moritz F Abgeschlossen
Microbial degradation of organic matter and N isotope effects (2005-2008) Lehmann, Moritz F Abgeschlossen
Nitrogen cycling in aquatic systems Constraints from natural stable isotope measurements (2004-2007) Lehmann, Moritz F Abgeschlossen
Nitrogen cycling in the Bering Sea (2002-2004) Lehmann, Moritz F Abgeschlossen
A GC-MS⁄GC-IRMS for the molecular-level analyses of organic matter and the isotopic characterization of inorganic and organic compounds in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems (2008) Lehmann, Moritz F Abgeschlossen