Titel Forschungsleitende Status
System-level characterization of RNA-binding proteins that mediate the pathogenicity of human RNA viruse Zavolan, Mihaela Laufend
Elucidating the translational control of hepatocellular carcinoma Zavolan, Mihaela Laufend
Cell type-specific expression of 3' untranslated region isoforms: quantification, modeling, and prediction of functional impact Zavolan, Mihaela Laufend
Elucidation of the interplay of cell autonomous and pathogen-derived factors on the susceptibility of individual host cells to infection by a protozoan pathogen Zavolan, Mihaela Laufend
NCCR RNA & Disease (phase II)Zavolan, Mihaela Laufend
Regulation of mRNA translation and its relationship with disease Zavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
Molecular underpinning of age-related muscle loss Rüegg, Markus A. Abgeschlossen
Characterization of the Ewing's sarcoma protein's involvement in the maintenance of genomic stability Zavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
NCCR RNA & DiseaseZavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
TargetInfectX - Multi-Pronged Perturbation of Pathogen Infection in Human CellsDehio, Christoph Abgeschlossen
RNATRAIN - The European non-coding RNA training networkZavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
Inference of combined quantitative effects of miRNAs and transcription factors on gene expression Zavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
StoNets - Controlling and exploiting stochasticity in gene regulatory networksZavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
Interplays between miRNAs and transcription factors in the determination and maintenance of cell identity (WHYMIR) Zavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
Post-transcriptional regulation of germ cell apoptosis in C. elegans Zavolan, Mihaela;Allain, Frederic Abgeschlossen
The molecular biology of RNA 3' end processing Keller, Walter Abgeschlossen
Direct DNA damage response activation by nuclear non-coding short RNAs in mammals (HFSP) Zavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
Systems X and Novartis Zavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
Highperformance IT Infrastructure for Computational Biology Schwede, Torsten Abgeschlossen
RNPnet - RNP structure, function and mechanism of actionZavolan, Mihaela;Allain, Frederic Abgeschlossen
Therapy of SMA / Gebert Rüf Stiftung Handschin, Christoph Abgeschlossen
Cell Plasticity - Systems Biology of Cell DifferentiationZavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
Cell Plasticity - Systems Biology of Cell Differentiationvan Nimwegen, Erik Abgeschlossen
Identification of cancer-related targets of individual members of the miR-17-92 cluster of miRNAs Zavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
Combining experimental data analysis and computational predictions to identify modulators of miRNA activity Zavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
Post-transcriptional regulation of germ cell apoptosis in C. elegans Zavolan, Mihaela;Allain, Frederic Abgeschlossen
Inference of post-transcriptional regulatory codes involving miRNAs and RNA binding proteins. Zavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
SyBIT Support for ProjectsPodvinec, Michael;Dehio, Christoph Abgeschlossen
Computational inference of small RNA-dependent regulatory networks Zavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
Computational annotation and prediction of small regulatory RNA Zavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
High-performance hierarchical storage system for computational and systems biology Schwede, Torsten;van Nimwegen, Erik;Zavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen