Titel Forschungsleitende Status
Intermolecular Interactions and the Role of Dynamics for Chemical Reactions in Complex Systems Meuwly, Markus Abgeschlossen
Optimization of Artificial Keto-Reductases Based on the Biotin-Avidin Technology:Theoretical and Practical Aspects Meuwly, Markus Abgeschlossen
Weakly Coordinatting Anions and Bidentate Lewis Acids - New Possibilities in Catalysis. Wegner, Hermann A. A. Abgeschlossen
International Research Training Group IRTG 1038 "Catalysts and Catylytic Reactions for Organic Synthesis. Pfaltz, Andreas;Wegner, Hermann A. A.;Meuwly, Markus;Ward, Thomas R. R. Abgeschlossen
Atomistic Modelling and Experimental Validation of Enzyme-Inhibitor Interactions of Dengue Fever Virus Methyltransferase: Towards new approaches to target neglected tropical diseases. Schwede, Torsten Abgeschlossen
Computational Analytical Chemistry: Meuwly, Markus Abgeschlossen
Intermolecular Interactions and the Role Meuwly, Markus Abgeschlossen
Reactive MD 6.EU FP Rahmenprogramm Meuwly, Markus Abgeschlossen