Titel Forschungsleitende Status
A Death-Dealing Bacterial Nanomachine Lim, Roderick Y.H. Laufend
NCCR AntiResist: New approaches to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteriaBumann, Dirk;Jenal, Urs;Dehio, Christoph Laufend
Defining the molecular basis of dynamic localization of type VI secretion system assembly in Pseudomonas aeruginosa (BIF Fellowship Maxim Kolesnikov) Basler, Marek Laufend
EMBO Young Investigator Programme AwardBasler, Marek Abgeschlossen
Cryo-Electron Microscopy in the ZMB of the University of BaselStahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
Bacterial infections - discovering new virulence factors and understanding antibiotic resistance/tolerance by bridging basic research and clinical microbiology Egli, Adrian Abgeschlossen
Molecular mechanisms of force generation and protein translocation by contractile tails Basler, Marek Abgeschlossen
Dynamics of the bacterial Type VI secretion system assembly and substrate delivery Basler, Marek Abgeschlossen