Titel Forschungsleitende Status
Education for Development (EFORD)Goetschel, Laurent Abgeschlossen
KaziBantu: Healthy Schools for Healthy Communities (School-based health intervention program: Scaling-up, dissemination and effects on children and teachers and workplaces in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in South Africa)Pühse, Uwe;Walter, Cheryl Abgeschlossen
The DASH study - Disease, Activity and Schoolchildren's Health in Port Elizabeth, South AfricaPühse, Uwe Abgeschlossen
Systems epidemiology of human schistosomiasis and livestock fascioliasis in sub-Saharan Africa Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen
Spatio-temporal dynamics, risk factors and burden estmates of malaria and neglected tropical diseases in C?te d'Ivoire Vounatsou, Penelope Abgeschlossen
Gaining and sustaining control of S. mansoni in Man, Cote d'Ivoire Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen
Zanzibar elimination of schistosomiasis transmission Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen
Effects of co-distribution of Plasmodium and intestinal helminth infections on clinical outcomes and self-rated quality of life Raso, Giovanna;Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen
Syndromic approach to neglected tropical diseases (NID) at primary health care level: an international collaboration on integrated diagnosis-treatment platforms Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen
Pooling of stool samples for rapid appraisal and high risk profiling of human helminth infections Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen
Neglected Disease Modelling and Mapping in the Americas Vounatsou, Penelope Abgeschlossen
Spatio-temporal dynamics, risk factors and burden estimates of Neglected Tropical diseases in Brazil (JRPSB) Vounatsou, Penelope Abgeschlossen
Validation of POC-CCA for diagnosis of S. mansoni Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen
Systematic review of epidemiological risk factors for leptospirosis Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen
Disease Mapping and Modelling for Neglected and Other Poverty-Related Diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean Vounatsou, Penelope Abgeschlossen
Epidemiology of schistosomiasis among preschool-aged children Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen
Research Partnership with Developing Countries Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen
Assessing morbidity and burden due to neglected tropical diseases at different geographical scales Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen
Demographics and Zoonoses in nomadic people in Chad Zinsstag, Jakob Z Abgeschlossen
Morbidity patterns and transmission dynamics of neglected tropical diseases Zinsstag, Jakob Z Abgeschlossen
Health and Demographic Surveillance in rural Côte d'Ivoire Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen
Health impact assessment in different settings of Africa and the Americas Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen
SNF-Förderungsprofessur Jürg Utzinger (SNF) Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen
Epidemiology and control of angiostrongylus in China Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen
Appraisal, control and monitoring of neglected tropical diseases in Tiassalé, C?te d'Ivoire Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen
Transmission of schistosomiasis in Africa Vounatsou, Penelope Abgeschlossen
The prevalence, causes and outcome of epilepsy sub-Saharan Africa Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen
Parasitic diseases of the global poor: from understanding complex host-parasite interactions to sustainable control Utzinger, Jürg Abgeschlossen