Titel Forschungsleitende Status
NCCR AntiResist: New approaches to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteriaBumann, Dirk;Jenal, Urs;Dehio, Christoph Laufend
A quantitative approach to transcriptional network dynamics van Nimwegen, Erik Laufend
Inferring gene regulatory landscapes from single-cell omics data van Nimwegen, Erik Laufend
High-throughput multiplexed microfluidics for antimicrobial drug discovery van Nimwegen, Erik Laufend
SwissRegulon: web-based analysis tools for genome-wide regulatory sitesvan Nimwegen, Erik Laufend
Measuring single-cell pharmacodynamics with deep learning Julou, Thomas Abgeschlossen
The role of gene expression noise in the evolution of gene regulation van Nimwegen, Erik Abgeschlossen
Analysis of the regulatory key hub node peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ co-activator 1α (PGC-1α) in skeletal muscle cell plasticity van Nimwegen, Erik;Handschin, Christoph Abgeschlossen
NeuroStemX - Systems Biology of Mammalian Forebrain DevelopmentTaylor, Verdon Abgeschlossen
StoNets - Controlling and exploiting stochasticity in gene regulatory networksZavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
Highperformance IT Infrastructure for Computational Biology Schwede, Torsten Abgeschlossen
Integrated modeling of the evolution of genotypes and phenotypes in bacteria. van Nimwegen, Erik Abgeschlossen
Cell Plasticity - Systems Biology of Cell DifferentiationZavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
Cell Plasticity - Systems Biology of Cell Differentiationvan Nimwegen, Erik Abgeschlossen
Combining experimental data analysis and computational predictions to identify modulators of miRNA activity Zavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
Structural and dynamic properties of post-embryonic gene regulatory networks in Drosophila. van Nimwegen, Erik Abgeschlossen
The generation of novel function in microbial systems van Nimwegen, Erik Abgeschlossen
Genome-wide prediction of coactivator-controlled transcriptional networks using data from ultrahigh-throughput sequencing technologies van Nimwegen, Erik Abgeschlossen
SyBIT Support for ProjectsPodvinec, Michael;Dehio, Christoph Abgeschlossen
FANTOM4, functional annotation of the mammalian genome 4van Nimwegen, Erik Abgeschlossen
High-performance hierarchical storage system for computational and systems biology Schwede, Torsten;van Nimwegen, Erik;Zavolan, Mihaela Abgeschlossen
DF / Bioinformatik / van Nimwegen van Nimwegen, Erik Abgeschlossen
Modeling the function and evolution of transcriptional regulatory networks. van Nimwegen, Erik Abgeschlossen