Titel Forschungsleitende Status
NCCR AntiResist: New approaches to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteriaBumann, Dirk;Jenal, Urs;Dehio, Christoph Laufend
Living Microbial Diagnostics to Enable Individualized Child Health InterventionsBumann, Dirk Laufend
Horizon 2020 Framework Project MIBEst Bumann, Dirk Laufend
Tracking and manipulating Salmonella subsets in infected tissues over time Bumann, Dirk Laufend
ESBL-MS: Early diagnosis of ESBL Enteriobacteriaceae in patient samples Bumann, Dirk Laufend
A new high-resolution LC-MS platform for high precision and throughput quantitative biology to support life science research at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel Schmidt, Alexander Abgeschlossen
Micro-ultrasound for in vivo imaging of small animals Hall, Michael N. Abgeschlossen
Bacterial infections - discovering new virulence factors and understanding antibiotic resistance/tolerance by bridging basic research and clinical microbiology Egli, Adrian Abgeschlossen
Cyst wall formation: a persistent challenge in Toxoplasmosis Bumann, Dirk Abgeschlossen
Diversity of Salmonella-host encounters in infected tissues Bumann, Dirk Abgeschlossen
Translocation ITN Bumann, Dirk Abgeschlossen
Translocation Bumann, Dirk Abgeschlossen
Banking on new antimicrobials: translational fidelity impairment (BONAFIDE) Bumann, Dirk Abgeschlossen
BattleX: Manipulating the fight between human host cells and intracellular pathogensBumann, Dirk Abgeschlossen
SyBIT Support for ProjectsPodvinec, Michael;Dehio, Christoph Abgeschlossen
Wirtsadaptierter Metabolismus von bakteriellen Infektionserregern Bumann, Dirk Abgeschlossen
Metabolic requirements of Salmonella subpopulations in infected tissues Bumann, Dirk Abgeschlossen
Tumor-specific expression of therapeutic molecules by tumorcolonizing bacteria Bumann, Dirk Abgeschlossen