Titel Forschungsleitende Status
Towards Culturally Equitable Pediatric Oncology Care - Providers' Cross-cultural Competences and Accessibility of Care for Cultural Minorities Elger, Bernice Simone;Rost, Michael Laufend
Towards Culturally Equitable Pediatric Oncology Care - Providers' Cross-cultural Competences and Accessibility of Care for Cultural Minorities Rost, Michael;Elger, Bernice Simone Laufend
Ethical and Legal issues of Mobile Health-Data - Improving understanding and eXPlainability of digitaL transformAtion and data technologies using artificial IntelligeNce [EXPLaiN] Elger, Bernice Simone Laufend
Ethical issues in the care of older people in Ethiopia Mussie, Kirubel Laufend
Trusting Black-Box Algorithms? Ethical Challenges for Biomedical Machine Learning Elger, Bernice Simone Laufend
Ethical issues in whole genome⁄ whole exome sequencing Elger, Bernice Simone Laufend
Achtsamkeit und Tabakkonsum bei Gefangenen: eine randomisierte, kontrollierte Studie Elger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Palliative care at home: A multi perspective study on the complex needs of ALS family caregivers Wangmo, Tenzin Abgeschlossen
Ethical concerns in the era of Big Data in psychiatry Elger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Advancing SMart solutions and eliminating barriers for the Acquisition, Analysis, and Sharing of Health data in Switzerland [SMAASH] Elger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Agequake in prisons - second part: Mental health care and forensic evaluation of aging prisoners and persons serving security measures in Switzerland Elger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Ethical and legal regulation of Big Data research - towards a sensible and efficient use of electronic health records and social media data Elger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Medical tourism in Switzerland: Interdisciplinary exploratory research on ethical, legal, social and economic (ELSE) issues Satalkar, Priya Abgeschlossen
Genetic Testing: Factors Influencing Public Interest and Attitudes Elger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Inpatient-outpatient transitions in the era of DRGs: the legal framework and current practice Gächter, Thomas Abgeschlossen
Facilitating decisions making in end-of-life: A study in Swiss and Romanian pediatric oncology settings Elger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Bioethics and Rare Diseases: An Empirical Examination in the United Arab EmiratesElger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Building Bioethics Capacities in Education and Doctoral Training: A Collaborative Network among Moldova, Romania and Switzerland Elger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Developing a Patient Safety in Office-based Surgery Project: A Delphi Consensus Study Mc Lennan, Stuart Roger Abgeschlossen
Respect for patient self-determination as quality indicator in palliative care: current state, problems and solutions in acute care hospitals Elger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Comparative study in adolescent oncofertility decision making Elger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Defining a European concept of vulnerability in biomedical research Gennet, Éloïse Abgeschlossen
Education and its effect on the autonomy of women's reproductive rightsPrincewill, Chitu Abgeschlossen
Ethics of Surveillance Data UseElger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Learning from failure - Understanding the mechanisms of trial discontinuation Briel, Matthias Abgeschlossen
Stakeholders' perceptions of benefits and harms of humanitarian aid provided by pharmaceutical companies in low- and middle-income countries Elger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
The ethics of doing research in developing countriesElger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Challenging our intuitions about the moral status of non-human animals with experimental philosophyElger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Public Health Ethics Elger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Die Medikation von älteren Gefangenen: Eine detaillierte Analyse in den Einrichtungen des Freiheitsentzuges in der Schweiz Bretschneider, Wiebke Abgeschlossen
Innovation in Health Care and the Life Sciences'; 27th European Conference on Philosophy of Medicine and Health CareElger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
A Comparative Study of Fertility Preservation in Paediatric OncologyElger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Ethics summer school Elger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Protecting Human Health and Security in Digital Europe: How to deal with the "Privacy Paradox?" Büschel, Isabell E. Abgeschlossen
Vulnerable persons in biomedical research. Reflections in European law.Elger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Ethische Studien für die Hausarztmedizin Elger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Ethical issues of cutting edge biotechnology: Embedded interdisciplinary risk benefit evaluation of first-in-human trials in synthetic biology and nanomedicineElger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Error Disclosure Attitudes in SwitzerlandElger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Returning Genetic Results in Biobanks: Opening an International Dialogue Elger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen
Attitudes and motives concerning end-of-life decisions: competency and autonomy of children and adolescents in paediatric oncologyElger, Bernice Simone Abgeschlossen