Titel Forschungsleitende Status
Structural Studies of Human Brain in Neurodegeneration Stahlberg, Henning Laufend
Single organelle size sorting by a nanofluidic device Stahlberg, Henning;Wirth, Claudia Laufend
SINERGIA: Molecular and Cellular Modulation in Parkinson's Disease Stahlberg, Henning Laufend
Bacterial Type IV Secretion (T4S): Cellular, Molecular and Evolutionary Basis of the Subversion of Host Cell Functions by Translocated Effector ProteinsDehio, Christoph Laufend
NCCR TransCureStahlberg, Henning Laufend
NanoWrite start-up financing Braun, Thomas;Stahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
New Technology for Epitope Mapping Characterization Stahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
High-Resolution Membrane Protein Structures by Cryo-EMStahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
Hybrid pixel detectors for electron diffraction of nano-samples Abrahams, Jan Pieter Abgeschlossen
Cryo-Electron Microscopy in the ZMB of the University of BaselStahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
Fast protein-complex isolation, sample preparation and data processing for high-resolution structural analysis and visual proteomics Braun, Thomas Abgeschlossen
The Structure of Prionoid Tau Strains Stahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
Targeted single cell proteomics using magnetic nanoparticles to study prion-like spreading of amyloid nanoparticles Braun, Thomas Abgeschlossen
The Time-and Spatially Resolved Aggregation of a-Synuclein and its Relationship to Cell-Cell Transmissibilty Stahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
Interaction of surfactants with therapeutic proteins/synthetic peptide parenteral formulations Stahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
Structural and functional roles of exosomal nanovesicles in the formation, release and synaptotoxicity of amyloid proteins Stahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
Towards X-FEL based dynamic studies on 2D and 3D nanocrystals of membrane proteins on solid supports Padeste, Celestino Abgeschlossen
Electron Microscopy of Membrane Proteins Stahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
Microfluidics to study nano-crystallization of proteins Braun, Thomas Abgeschlossen
Cryo-electron tomography studies of alpha-synuclein aggregates in Parkinson's disease Stahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
Advanced Imaging System for Biomolecular Crystallization Screening Maier, Timm Abgeschlossen
Software for Electron Microscopy of Membrane Proteins Stahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
International Short Visit von Prof. Georgios Tsiotis mit dem Titel "Structural studies of membrane proteins involved in the transport of aromatic compounds" einen Stahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
NCCR Structural BiologyStahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
Preparation and application for Initial Training Networks, Marie Curie Mobility Actions, FP7 Stahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
InfectX: Systems Biology of pathogen entry in human cellsDehio, Christoph Abgeschlossen
NCCR NanoStahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
C-CINA, Roche, StahlbergStahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
Software for Electron Crystallography Stahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
Electron Microscopy of Ion Channel Membrane Proteins Stahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen Centre for Cellular Imaging and Nanoanalytics Stahlberg, Henning Abgeschlossen
SyBIT Support for ProjectsPodvinec, Michael;Dehio, Christoph Abgeschlossen
Unravelling the structure of the Yersinia Ysc injectisome Cornelis, Guy R. Abgeschlossen