Titel Forschungsleitende Status
Design-principles and properties of networks and MOFs Housecroft, Catherine Elizabeth Laufend
Hierarchical interfacial coordination assemblies Constable, Edwin Charles Laufend
Optical plasmonic nanostructures for enhanced photochemistry Constable, Edwin Charles Laufend
X-ray Diffractometer for Pair Distribution Function analysis of nanocrystals and nanostructured materials De Roo, Jonathan Abgeschlossen
High Performance Transmission Electron Microscope for Present and Future Nanomaterials Schönenberger, Christian Abgeschlossen
Materials chemistry and sustainable energy Constable, Edwin Charles Abgeschlossen
High-end X-ray diffraction instrumentation for chemical crystallography Neuburger, Markus Abgeschlossen
Picosecond Transient Absorption Setup for Detection of Short-Lived Photoproducts and Excited States in Molecular Systems Wenger, Oliver Abgeschlossen
Harvesting light at a p-type semiconductor interface Housecroft, Catherine Elizabeth Abgeschlossen
Structural and photophysical diversity in coordination macrocycles, polymers and networks Housecroft, Catherine Elizabeth Abgeschlossen
Kovalente Tag Chemie - Intrazelluläre Kontrolle von Receptoren und Signalen Wymann, Matthias P. Abgeschlossen
Sustainable nanoscale and materials chemistry Constable, Edwin Charles Abgeschlossen
Structure, dynamics and interactions of paramagnetic centers characterised by Electro Paramagnetic Resonance Palivan, Cornelia G Abgeschlossen
Reaction-diffusion processes for the growth of patterned structures and architectures: A bottom-up approach for potoelectrochemical electrodes Constable, Edwin Charles Abgeschlossen
Photoactive coordination polymers and networks Housecroft, Catherine Elizabeth Abgeschlossen
Hybrid Molecule-Nanocrystal Assemblies for Photonic and Electronic Sensing ApplicationsSchönenberger, Christian Abgeschlossen
Light in - Light out Constable, Edwin Charles Abgeschlossen
Mechanistic and structural investigations by NMR spectroscopy on a wide scope of compounds - from natural products and proteins to artificial enzymes, organometal catalysts and supramolecular materials Häussinger, Daniel Abgeschlossen
Applied supramolecular and nanoscale chemistry Constable, Edwin Charles Abgeschlossen
Cost-Efficient Lighting devices based on Liquid processes and ionic Organometallic complexes Constable, Edwin Charles Abgeschlossen
Dynamics of hierarchical self-assembly processes characterized by small angle X-ray scattering Pfohl, Thomas Abgeschlossen
Photoactive heavy transition metal conjugates Housecroft, Catherine Elizabeth Abgeschlossen
Tracking of Phosphoinositide Pools - A Key Signalling Component in Cancer and Inflammation (EMRC⁄ECORES⁄08-EUROMEMBRANE) Wymann, Matthias P. Abgeschlossen
Supramolecular and nanoscale chemistry Constable, Edwin Charles Abgeschlossen
ANWASP KTI Constable, Edwin Charles;Housecroft, Catherine Elizabeth Abgeschlossen
Assembly of nanometric photonicmolecular devices Housecroft, Catherine Elizabeth Abgeschlossen
Mechanistic investigations of organocatalytic and metal based reactions ⁄ React-IR Wennemers, Helma Abgeschlossen
In-situ monitoring of the photochemical coupling of oligothiophenes to surface bound metal complexes in nano-porous materials Figgemeier, Egbert Abgeschlossen